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How you spend your time now matters.
You just need to connect the dots.

Find the right fit and lead a meaningful career.

Rather than boiling yourself down to a one- page resume, present yourself as a whole person. Our portfolio allows you to share your interpersonal skills and valuable experiences that will make the difference in the workplace. This facilitates the connection to companies where you’ll thrive: with Live It, find the job you’re meant to do.

The world of work is more dynamic than ever.

We're here to help you keep up, starting with your first job. (You can expect an average of 20 over your lifetime!) Live It's platform is an innovative tool which has adapted to realities. Currently, 70% of US employees are disengaged at work, often the result of a bad fit and ineffective hiring practices. We’re changing the way companies hire, creating a win-win-win for you, your future employers, and society as a whole.

Forge connections to find a job and become a better hire.

Our partner companies are looking for students like you. You’ll receive valuable feedback from recruiters and alumni mentors, which you can use to aid both your job search and professional development. What’s more, our platform is designed to help you better learn from your experiences. As you reflect on your skills and strengths, you’ll be better prepared for what comes next.